Grooming Salon

NEW to PoshPaws is a fabulous private grooming room.  Come enjoy an intimate space to wash and brush your dog yourself.  Fluff and puff or smooth and sassy, PoshPaws can accommodate any size dog.  With an extra large tub and a great hydro surge recirculating soapy water system, your little to large four legged friend will be squeaky clean in less time than traditional wash set ups.  Using less water and getting more shampoo to the skin, you will have a happier dog in less time and in a space to yourself!! 

Self Wash

$18   Average size (0-60 pounds)**

$25   Large size (60+ pounds, extra hairy, muddy)** 



Each wash includes shampoo, conditioner, fresh smelling after-spray or coat conditioner.  PoshPaws will provide you with an apron, towel, dryer, and brushes.

**Please limit salon time to 45 minutes so PoshPaws can accommodate other friends needing to be clean.  If extra time is necessary, please let us know so we can include that in the scheduling.

Call or stop by for an appointment!!!  Last appointments are scheduled 45 minutes before closing times.  Thank you!!!


PoshPaws is pleased to share our amazing grooming with your fur friend.  With plenty of experience, we will fluff, puff, and trim any size dog into a magnificent, presentable creature. All grooming appointments are cage-free if possible. In an effort to create a relaxing and calm experience, as much as possible, PoshPaws prefers to limit confinement so please be patient and timely with drop off and pick up times. As w know everyone's time is valuable, PoshPaws will make every attempt to keep you to your schedule. Thank You very much, can't wait to meet your friend!!